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More Star Trek On The Way From WizKids With Renewed License


What’s not to love about knowing that more Star Trek goodness is on the way? This is just the news that WizKids shared as they announced they’ve renewed their license with CBS to continue producing Star Trek game pieces.

WizKids & Nickelodeon Team Up For TMNT Tabletop Games


During this year’s Origins Wizkids and Nickelodeon have reached an agreement to bring us more games.

Scarecrow and Shaggy Man Scare the Heroes of HeroClix


Over in HeroClix, two more super villains have joined the line up that will be appearing as part of the Justice League Trinity War set; the master of fear Scarecrow and mindless monster Shaggy Man.

Enemies Of Shazam Join The Fight In Heroclix


See what you think of the upcoming Dr Sivana and Black Adam characters coming to Heroclix to really mess up Shazam’s day in the world of DC.

Two More Members of Justice League Dark Join Heroclix


I’m not a big fan of the New 52 reboot as a rule, but it did bring us what has to be one of the coolest sounding teams in the DC Universe, the Justice League Dark. A couple of these mystical fighters have already appeared in Heroclix, but now two more of its members have been turned into minis.

Green Lantern and Power Ring Join DC Heroclix


Most people know of the Green Lantern the cosmic peace keeper whose power ring lets him create whatever he can imagine. Most people know him by his secret identity Ryan Reynolds, but it looks like two other iterations of the Emerald Knight are making their way into Heroclix.

The Greatest Magician of the DC Universe Comes to HeroClix!


Two new previews for the upcoming DC HeroCLix: Justice League – Trinity War set have appeared from WizKids, bringing us two of the greatest supernatural characters from the New 52.

Mutant Spy Pete Wisdom is the Next Marvel Miniature for HeroClix


WizKids have revealed the latest limited edition miniature that will be appearing in their Marvel 2014 Monthly Organised Play Kit for HeroClix. This time it’s a superhero for us Brits, in the form of MI-13 agent Pete Wisdom.

Yu-Gi-Oh Brings It’s Own Take On Red Riding Hood in HeroClix


WizKids are continuing to bring the cards of Yu-Gi-Oh to miniature form in HeroClix and have now turned their attention to the world of fairy tales as we see their version of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Guardians Of The Galaxy HeroClix Coming from WizKids!


WizKids has released a new wave in their HeroClix line- the Marvel HeroClix: Guardians of the Galaxy. Now you can incorporate your favorites from the new movie into your games!

Break Some Fourth Walls as Evil Deadpool Joins Heroclix


At the beginning of March WizKids made the exiting announcement that a new set of heroes focused around the Merc with the Mouth would be joining HeroClix.

Heroclix Brings Wolverine to Days of Future Past


With the new X-Men movie appearing soon over the horizon it is no surprise that Heroclix will be getting a Days of Future Past set soon, the latest of which to show up is none other than the mutant who’s the best there is at what he does.

WizKids Stops the Clocks for its Next Yu-Gi-Oh Mini


It looks like time isn’t going to be on your side in HeroClix as WizKids have previewed the next of their Yu-Gi-Oh models; the Time Wizard.

The Greatest Criminal Mind of the Age Takes on Heroclix


WizKids have put out a new preview for the upcoming Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Heroclix set, but this time we are faced with the Man of Steel’s greatest enemy.

The Riddler Presents an E. Nigma in HeroClix


Two new versions of my all time favourite Batman villain are appearing in HeroClix. Prepare for a real brain teaser as the Riddler is here to confuse matters.

WizKids Show Off The First Wave Of Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix!


WizKids have shown off the first few models from their new Yu-Gi-Oh! series for HeroClix.

Craft Your “Fighting Uruk-Hai!” In Wizkids HeroClix


Become one of the ‘Fighting Uruk-Hai!’ with the latest releases from Wizkids for HeroClix!

Yu Gi Oh Leaves Cards and Enters HeroClix


HeroClix has given us the heroes of Marvel, DC and even Halo. Now another franchise is joining the range of miniatures, one that will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the 90′s; the Japanese card game Yu Gi Oh.

HeroClix Returns Batman to the Days of Zapp! and Pow!


Batman is well known as the dark, brooding hero whose dark influence is felt across comic books. But it wasn’t always like that. Now HeroClix are returning to campy days of Adam West’s Batman!

N.E.C.A Preview The Star Trek: Attack Wing Collection


Check out some of the information about the Star Trek: Attack Wing game from WizKids. What do you think of what’s on offer from these guys?