WizKids Show Off The First Wave Of Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix!

October 16, 2013 by brennon

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If you're a fan of HeroClix and Yu-Gi-Oh! in particular then you might want to check out some of the miniatures below that will be coming out towards the end of the year, beginning of next, from WizKids. I remember when this cartoon used to be on TV although I've never played the actual card game...

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One - Hitotsu-Me Giant

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One - Feral Imp (Alt)

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One - Des Feral Imp

As you might imagine from the huge words plastered over the miniatures, these aren't the final products but I have to say the finish on them has got a lot better over the years. While detail is something that isn't a possibility, think how long that would take on a big production line, they have got things looking neat.

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One - Dark Magician

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One - Blue Eyes White Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix  Series One - Breaker the Magical Warrior

Now these are some of the characters that I DO remember from the TV show. The amount of times something seemed to be solved with the Blue Eyes White Dragon!

I'm sure there are some big fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! out there and if HeroClix are going to keep to trend you should have many, many monsters and characters from the series making an appearance over the next year and beyond.

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One Starter is due out in December 2013 with the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One Gravity Feed coming out in February 2014.

Are you a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan?

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