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FossilPunk Show Off The Cope Collective’s Crazy Machines

151 days ago 9

FossilPunk Foundry has shown off another of the factions for their 54mm skirmish game, Sauriana. This time, they’re focusing in on the cold and clinical Cope Collective.

FossilPunk’s Rockhound Unearths A New Dinosaur For Sauriana

156 days ago 2

FossilPunk has sent through some new images for their upcoming 54mm scale skirmish game, Sauriana. The focus today is on some renders for the Rockhound and their Laelaps Dinosaur.

FossilPunk Divulge More Info On The Othniellians Of Sauriana

160 days ago 2

While the last faction we looked at for FossilPunk’s Sauriana were all about hunting big game this next one, the Othniellians are all about science and creating weird and quite dangerous creations!

Learn More About FossilPunk’s Sauriana Factions

163 days ago 4

FossilPunk Foundry have revealed more information about one of the factions within their 54mm game, Sauriana. Would you be willing to head off on an adventure with The Explorer’s Club’s Gamekeeper?

Check Out A Fusion Of Fossils & Victoriana With Sauriana’s Rhinophile

168 days ago 2

FossilPunk Foundry are working towards a new 54mm skirmish game called Sauriana and when we saw their first miniature, Rhinophile, we just had to show him off and find out more.