How To Use Karkinos / Coconut Crab Stencils! – Anarchy Models HS Stencil System Tutorial

October 3, 2023 by crew

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Brian from Anarchy Models is running a new Kickstarter showcasing a range of awesome stencils for use on your wargaming miniatures, be they vehicles, terrain or monsters. In this tutorial, Brian shows off how to use the Karkinos/Coconut Crab Stencils on your favourite monstrous miniatures.

3CU Karkinos Stencils Anarchy Models

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This Karninos/Coconut Crab Stencil works well for those wanting to bring a sense of colour and depth to their monstrous alien creatures and those smaller ones too. You can achieve an absolutely stunning effect here which will look very different from those seen on your friend's armies!

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