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3 Colours Up: Weathering A Warhammer 40K Valkyrie


We're back with Brian from Anarchy Models for another video where John has challenged him to weather up a Warhammer 40,000 Valkyrie.

Anarchy Models Airbrush Stencil Kickstarter Ending Soon


Anarchy Models are closing in on the last few hours of their HS Stencil Airbrush Kickstarter. You can see one of the tutorials showing it off above and also see more right here on Beasts of War by checking out their area of the site HERE...

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing Using Creature Feature Mottled Effects


John is joined by Brian from Anarchy Models to show off Airbrushing a Mottled Effect! Come & Watch These Free Tutorials & Check Out The Kickstarter

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing With New Snake Skin Stencils


Brian is back in the studio with another Airbrush Stencil Tutorial. This time around he is showing off how you use the Snake Skin Stencil from Wave 2 of the Anarchy Models Kickstarter...

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing With The New Diamond Stencils


We're looking at more from Anarchy Models as Brian shows John how to use the new Diamond Stencils from the Kickstarter running right now. Come & Watch These Free Tutorials & Check Out The Kickstarter

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing With The Dragon Scale Stencils


It's time to get your drake on with the Dragon Scale Stencils from Anarchy Models for use with airbrushes thanks to the current Kickstarter... Come & Watch These Free Tutorials & Check Out The Kickstarter

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing Using The Creature Feature Leopard Stencils


Take a look at the HS Stencils from Anarchy Models today & the Creature Feature Leopard Stencils. Come & Watch These Free Tutorials & Check Out The Kickstarter

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing With Micro Hex Grid Stencils


Brian has been in the studio showing off how Anarchy Models' new Micro Hex Grids work with your airbrush to create amazing effects... Come & Watch These Free Tutorials & Check Out The Kickstarter

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone


We're back with a jam packed Weekender where we dig into some of the awesome news that popped up during the week.

VLOG: Anarchy Models In The Studio


John's been a busy boy this week so we thought why not get him to front the vlog as well while he's at it. John has been joined in the studio by Brian from Anarchy models who is about to launch a new Kickstarter!

Airbrush Post-Shading Basics: Battlezones DreadBall Dugouts


Previously you've seen pre-shading basics. Now we'll show you post-shading to add different shades of colour as well as grime.

Airbrush Pre-Shading Basics: Battlezones Dreadball Dugouts


Brian of Anarchy Models is back with us in the studio to show off some more airbrushing techniques. This time we are taking a look at the basics of pre-shading.

Choosing The Right Airbrush Compressor


Warren sits down with Brian from Anarchy Models and discusses choosing the right compressor for your airbrush.

How To Clean Your Airbrush!


Brian of Anarchy Models demonstrates tried and tested methods to ensure you'll get great results from your airbrush time after time.

Airbrush a Battlezones Dreadball Pitch


Warren sits down with Brian of Anarchy Models and shows you how to airbrush an awesome DreadBall pitch that looks like it's been dragged straight from the coolest of Sci-Fi movie!

40K Airbrushing Hexagon Energy Field Effect


We have Brian Best from Anarchy Models in the studio showing how to create a really cool energy field effect on a 40K Dark Eldar Flyer.

Airbrushing 40K Wraithfighter with Anarchy Models Stencils


In this video Brain Best of Anarchy Models takes a Warhammer 40K Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter from just it's base coat to something really cool in minutes using only the HS Stencils, an airbrush, and some very nice paints from the Vallejo Game Air Range

Anarchy Show You How To Craft An Airbrushed Dungeon!


Brian of Anarchy Models shows you how to make some really cool Dungeon Tiles using some of their High Speed Stencils from Kickstarter

Anarchy Models Hit Kickstarter With High Speed Stencils!


See what Anarchy Models are up to on Kickstarter with their campaign to fund a range of High Speed Stencils for use with airbrushing.

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