Weekender: FoW Campaign Launching Soon & Anarchy Airbrushing Skills!

October 12, 2019 by crew

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Come and take a trip with us into the tabletop world with another episode of The Weekender where we're exploring all sorts of tabletop goodness from this week.

Weekender: FoW Campaign Launching Soon & Anarchy Airbrushing Skills!

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Make sure to explore all of the things we're talking about this week with us in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Campaign Updates - Infinity & Flames Of War + TANKS

First up we've got some updates for when it comes to campaigns. The Infinity campaign, Asteroid Blues, is coming to an end on Monday 14th October so make sure you get your battle reports lined up for this so we can see how things unfold in the Infinity universe.

Also, we're now announcing the launch of our Flames Of War D-Day Campaign. You will be able to join in from October 28th so make sure to get involved and prepare those armies.


We delve into some cool news from this week for you to wrap your noggin around...

Drop some comments below on what you make of this news from a week in the tabletop world.

Anarchy Models' New Stencils

Justin got to sit down with Brian from Anarchy Models to go through some of the new stencils in the works by him on Kickstarter right now. These are great for those working on vehicles and mighty monsters.


Here are two different projects worth considering this week...

  • Mob Sitters - Check out a quick and easy party game from East Street Games
  • Reaper Bones V - Take on a new mountain of plastic from Reaper Miniatures!

Which of these are you tempted to back on Kickstarter?

Have a great weekend of gaming!

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