Ossiarch Bonereaper Lords Previewed For Age Of Sigmar

October 8, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been talking more about the Ossiarch Bonereapers, the newest army to join the Grand Alliance Of Death in Age Of Sigmar. This week saw the preview of some of the new characters leading the way for this force, warped visions of the Stormcast Eternals crafted by Sigmar himself.

Liege-Kavalos - Games Workshop

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One of the core characters for your force would have to be a Liege-Kavalos, a dark reflection of the Lord-Celestant On Dracoth that you might know from the Stormcast Eternals. I love this mockery of those resplendent warriors and I think the detailing here, whilst a little busy in places, has made for a fantastic character.

I think that there are going to be a lot of very happy people who pick up this army and enjoy painting them. For one, the focus on bones as a general theme means that it shouldn't take long to get the base colours down and then you can go to town on the armour, tattered cloth and weapons. This might be the perfect faction to paint using the new Contrast paints.

Savage Assassin

As well as the regular Liege-Kavalos we also have a peek at a named character, Arch-Kavalos Zandtos.

Arch-Kavalos Zandtos - Games Workshop

Zandtos was one of Katakros' most trusted generals in life and a professional assassin. Now he has turned his eye to the betterment of his master's dark will and purification of the realm of Shyish. He looks like a deadly addition to the Ossiarch Bonereapers and a key option for those who want a brutal front line fighter.

Are you tempted by the Ossiarch Bonereapers as a new Age Of Sigmar army?

"This might be the perfect faction to paint using the new Contrast paints..."

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