Relive The Clash Between Beowulf & Grendel With Otherworld

October 7, 2019 by brennon

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Paul Muller has sculpted up some awesome takes on Beowulf & Grendel from the epic Anglo-Saxon poem which has ignited the imaginations of many for centuries. Check out Otherworld Miniatures' offerings...

Beowulf - Otherworld Miniatures

Beowulf here is produced in heroic style, measuring 33mm to the top of his head. The mighty Geat comes armed with the sword Hrunting perhaps or maybe Næġling, the sword Beowulf is given after defeating Grendel's Mother.

Grendel himself is also part of the release, again sculpted by Paul Muller.

Grendel - Otherworld Miniatures

This snarling troll-creature stands at 45mm tall that sacked the halls of Hrothgar, Heorot. It would be funny if the model came with a detachable arm which could get wrenched off by Beowulf during their epic struggle.

This is all because of a new gamebook which has been released by Jonathan Green which was successfully Kickstarted. Beowulf Beastslayer has you reimagining the classic struggle between Beowulf and the monstrous Grendel where you can change the course of events and see how your epic saga plays out.

Dark Anti-Heroes

As well as this addition into the mix, Otherworld Miniatures has also been showing off some new heroes they have in the mix. We start with the Evil Sorceress who got some styling tips from Maleficent.

Evil Sorceress - Otherworld Miniatures

She is perhaps defended by the Female Anti-Paladin who could have sworn an oath to whatever dark patron has caught the eye of the Sorceress. Maybe they are bound together in service, battling some other greater evil that threatens the world?

Female Anti-Paladin - Otherworld Miniatures

We also have this rather awesome looking Devil-kin Warlock who could also work as a Druid from the darker side of nature too perhaps. I think the models they have created for use in games like Dungeons & Dragons and beyond are well worth exploring.

Devil-kin Warlock - Otherworld Miniatures

Their Evil hero line-up is really good and might bring some ideas to life for an alternative campaign where the crew aren't murderously evil but instead from the opposite side of the tracks, nefarious and cruel, taking a very different path to your classic whiter-than-white heroes in their glittering armour.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new models?

"Beowulf Beastslayer has you reimagining the classic struggle between Beowulf and the monstrous Grendel..."

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