The Most Simple But Effective Paint Scheme Ever?

July 8, 2014 by brennon

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One of the big bugbears of a lot of wargamers who enjoy playing the game rather than painting is that it takes so long to get things looking good on the tabletop. After all even the mega-gamers want their miniatures to look nice. Quick and easy techniques are becoming more and more readily available but this one might just be the most simple and effective one yet, for painting Vampire Count armies at least!

Ghostly Undead

This technique comes out of Games Workshop Belfast and Rob as you can see above. It involves four steps and provides you with some very cool ghostly looking skeletons and essentially an entire army with very little effort at all. It looks clean and fits in well with the Vampire Counts especially well. You can see the stages in action below...

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Ghostly, creepy and you could even add in a bit more detail if you wanted to. I've been struggling with my own Vampire Counts army for a while now and it is quite daunting seeing that pile of fifty to sixty different skeletons all staring back at you wanting to be painted. It doesn't take an overly long time but getting over that hump is a challenge. With a technique like this however I reckon I would have had it all done by now!

Check out what the army looks like with this scheme applied across different units...

Army 1

Army 2

Army 3

Army 4

Army 5

Army 6

Army 7

The scheme works well across the skeletons, the spirit hosts, the mounted Black Knights and even the Mortis Engine at the end there! It also allows you play around with a few interesting things like adding tombs and such into the regiments as filler, making it look as if the horde of undead has just risen from the ground.

What do you think of this ethereal scheme?

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