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Antediluvian Go Exploring With New Fantasy Crewmen


You may remember that in the past we looked at some new Fantasy adventurers from Antediluvian Miniatures. Well, they are growing the crew of Leonardo with this set of heroes (or miscreants if you prefer).

Swashbucklers & A Hapless Explorer New From Antediluvian


The folks at Antediluvian Miniatures have added to both their Fantasy and Lost World ranges this week. We start off in the realm of Fantasy with their set complete with Princess, Prince & Entourage.

Gaze Into Antediluvian Miniatures’ Hell Mouth!


Antediluvian Miniatures, inspired by creepy Medieval artwork, have added all manner of strange Demons to their webstore. But, where do they come from? A Hell Mouth of course!

Go Exploring With Antediluvian’s New Wizardly Wanderer


Who knew that Leonardo Da Vinci was a Wizard?! Well, Antediluvian Miniatures have postulated that that is certainly the case with some upcoming characters.

FossilPunk Foundry Show Off Their Monstrous Megalosaurus


After joining forces with Antediluvian Miniatures the folks at FossilPunk Foundry showed off their Retro Megalosaurus which is looking like a fantastic Dinosaur addition to Sauriana.

Antediluvian Delve Deeper Into Their Fantasy Range


Antediluvian Miniatures delve deeper into their Fantasy range with some new releases.

Antediluvian Sculpt Up Some Sci-Fi Miscreants


Sculpted by Shane Hoyle, the team at Antediluvian Miniatures look to be heading to the stars with some early looks at Sci-Fi Rogues, Thieves, Bounty Hunters and Vagabonds for the tabletop.

Antediluvian Sculpt Up A Leaping Laelaps Dinosaur


Antediluvian Miniatures have shown off the work that’s coming into their Laelaps Dinosaur, based on the artwork by Charles R. Knight.

Weekender XLBS: First 40k Battle Impressions & Genesys, A Cool New FFG RPG!


Welcome to a relaxed chat with us
on Weekender XLBS with
Lloyd, Az Justin and Ben.

Creepy Antediluvian Medieval Demons Coming To Kickstarter


Antediluvian Miniatures has shown off the Medieval Demons which are coming to Kickstarter later this month. Don’t worry…we’re freaked out too.

The Retrosaurus Hunts Your Explorers From Antediluvian Miniatures


Antediluvian Miniatures has added to their Lost World range of models with a rather fantastic monstrous Allosaurus known as Retrosaurus for your Pulp adventures through time.

A Mighty Retro Allosaurus Stomps Out Of Antediluvian


Antediluvian Miniatures are stomping around jungles with this awesome looking Allosaurus, designed to fit into your Pulp adventures.

Antediluvian Battle Alongside Saxon Dwarves


Antediluvian Miniatures have now added their Saxon Dwarves to their webstore allowing you to defend your mountain hold.

Old School Orcs Take Shape From Antediluvian Miniatures


Antediluvian Miniatures are going to be taking to Kickstarter soon with some Old School Orcs which would find themselves at home in the role-playing books of the 80s and early 90s.

Antediluvian’s Saxon Dwarves Get Ready To Defend Their Hold


Antediluvian Miniatures have shown off a preview of their Dark Age Dwarves with a Saxon theme to them. Everyone appears to be mashing up the bearded folk with the Dark Ages right now!

Swashbuckle Like A Pirate With Antediluvian Miniatures


Antediluvian Miniatures have added a collection of four different pirates to their webstore for you to use in your swashbuckling adventures on the high seas and in the ports of the Caribbean.

Antediluvian Freak Out At Their Massive New Spider


If you’re looking for a monstrous creature for your old world explorers to run into then see what you think of Antediluvian’s Camel Spider, or the Solifuge.

Antediluvian Unleash Zorgan On Your Hapless Adventurers


Antediluvian Miniatures have now added the impressive Zorgan that we previewed a few weeks ago to their webstore allowing you to add that final brutal boss to your role-playing and skirmish games on the tabletop…

Antediluvian Go On An Adventure With Dungeon Explorers


Antediluvian Miniatures have now taken to Kickstarter to fund their Dungeon Explorers range which includes some old school heroes looking for another quest.

Antediluvian To Go Adventuring In Fantasy Worlds Soon


Antediluvian Miniatures are going to be on Kickstarter soon with a range of Fantasy Adventurers.

Antediluvian Go Dungeon Delving With Upcoming Heroes


Antediluvian Miniatures are going to be delving into dungeons with this set of Dungeon Raiders which are a bit of a departure from their normal service. See what you think of these old school looking heroes and heroines…