Acquisitions Inc Pop Up In Renegade Game Studios’ Clank!

July 6, 2019 by brennon

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Renegade Game Studios have another neat little expansion on the way for Clank! which is their very successful deck-building dungeon crawler. Acquisitions Inc have joined the party and are going delving with their Upper Management Pack.

Clank Upper Management Pack - Direwolf

The new set comes with a new deck of cards which reflect the talents of the members of Acquisitions Incorporated, one of the D&D realms most famous adventuring groups. The set can be used alongside the original Clank! rules which is great. Plus, as well as the cards you also get little figures for each of the characters you see here on the front cover.

There is currently a set-up where you can get your copy at Gen Con this year. As someone who loved Clank! when I got to play it, I'm always up for additional extras to help build on the experience.

Are you a proud owner of Clank!?

"I'm always up for additional extras to help build on the experience..."

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