Add Some Alien Intelligence To Your XCOM Game

September 19, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Fantasy Flight Games has posted a preview of the companion application that will be used in playing their upcoming release, XCOM: THE BOARD GAME.


It states that the app which is available as a download or online, is the integral part of the game. This app is what determines alien activity and helps create the tension of the game.

XCOM Game Board

There are two phases in the game when it come to the application: a timed phase when you get alien activity alerts and an untimed phase when you have to respond to these new changes. Now you need to remember there are time limits on how the players respond to these new threats.

XCOM App Diagram

The Communications Officer is responsible for communicating to the players new actions and controls the pause clock. This clock can be activated to give players an opportunity to conform a census and determine the appropriate responses. However, you must remember there is only so much time before it is all gone and then it's shooting from the hip.

XCOM App Forecast Diagram

Also, your responses to the alien activity have to be deliberate and timely or you might loose your satellite activity and then your alien action forecaster and intelligence network gets scrambled and you are now in reactive mode versus proactive.

XCOM App Scramble Diagram

There are so many dimensions to this game that it should keep players on the edge of their seat. This is one game I really wanted to get in a demo of at GenCon, but not only were the tables packed but so were the people standing around watching. This is another game that is taking advantage today's technology to enhance your game play. As you know I have posted a few items about another game that embraces technology as a central part of game play and some of you did not seem impressed, I honestly think XCOM: THE BOARD GAME will grab you and not let go!

How will you respond to the alien invasion?

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