More Amazing Artwork & Sculpting For Blood Rage!

December 18, 2014 by brennon

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Blood Rage is looking better and better with more artwork for the game by Adrian Smith and some superb sculpting and painting on the way too. Guillotine Games and Studio McVey have some great stuff lined up it seems...

Bear Clan Warrior (Artwork)

Bear Clan Warrior (Model)

This Bear Clan Warrior is looking insanely awesome. The artwork is brilliant, as you would expect, and the sculpt is just as stupidly well detailed. THIS is a board game miniature!? I love practically everything about it from the finely detailed chainmail underneath to the way they've sculpted the fur.

Serpent Clan Leader (Front)

Serpent Clan Leader (Rear)

We're also seeing some awesome painted examples of the miniatures as well with the Serpent Clan Leader. Some great work once again and the painting of the shield on her back is great too. I like that they've managed to get the battle damage looking realistic. Once again the fur is great too. Overall she's got a very Slavic look to her but it's still in keeping with the existing theme of Blood Rage.

Are you as excited about this game as me now?

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