Analog Lunchbox Dazzle With New Dice Game

May 15, 2019 by cassn

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Analog Lunchbox are known for their simplistic aesthetic and deep strategy, and their latest game offers both beauty and brains for their players.


Dazzling Diceline is a dice-rolling worker placement game for 3-4 players. Players must roll their green, grey and red dice, and strategically place them on their player board to perform dice actions.


Through creating horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, players will collect bonus tiles and score victory points. Use your bonus tiles to perform bonus actions and outthink other players around the board to score the highest amount of victory points and win the game!


Analog Lunchbox are an amazing Japanese indie game publisher, who pinged the OnTabletop radar last year with Passtally, their colourful two-player strategy game. Sadly, much like Passtally, Dazzling Diceline is only available in Japan for the moment. However, those fortunate enough to attend Tokyo Game Market 2019 later this month will be able to pick up a copy of both games at booth K12 (lucky souls!).

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"Out-think other players around the board!"

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