The Battle of Bunnies vs Zombies Begins on Kickstarter

June 12, 2014 by dracs

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Ninja Division's new board game of a bunny based zombie apocalypse has risen on Kickstarter. The dead have risen and now the cute little rabbits must fight to save their carrots!

Bunnies vs Zombies

Bunnies vs Zombies is a fast paced, action packed, cooperative board game where carrots and brains are your currency, and cuteness counts for nothing! Hordes of flesh eating zombies have risen from their graves in search of brains, and a village of cute cuddly bunnies is on the menu. With the annual carrot harvest fast approaching, an assault from the undead could not have come at a worse possible time! Without the carrot harvest, the cute wittle bunnies will all starve.There is only one thing left to do!Β FIGHT BACK!

Bunnies vs Zombies Board Game

This new game, which brings a fun new take on the tired old zombie apocalypse game genre, features fantastically vibrant artwork, which is reflected in both the game components and the interesting miniatures that will be available to play with.



There is a great variety in these minis, with everything from zombie rabbits to vicious, sword wielding bunnies. To me, this suggests that there will be plenty of variety in the gameplay, as you and your friends have to plan around the different types of zombies you come up against.

Of course, it's not just zombies you have to face. You might also come up against the Sludge Monster.

Sludge Monster

So, to recap, this is a game where a bunch of cute little rabbits go up against a horde of the walking dead and a giant sludge monster. You know, I find nothing wrong with that statement.

Will you chip in to this Kickstarter to help these bunnies fight off the undead?

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