Rule The Night In Blackout: Hong Kong

October 5, 2018 by cassn

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Darkness falls over Hong Kong, as the city experiences a large scale blackout. The government cannot maintain control of the situation, and so you have decided to take matters into your own hands. Can you gain power over the situation and rise to the top in post-blackout Hong-Kong?


Blackout: Hong Kong is a campaign board game that can also be played in a single game variant. The aim is to utilize your resources and manage your specialists to maintain control over Hong Kong. Players roll dice to select which resources will be available for the duration of the game.


Players then select three cards to add to their player board. These cards have a variety of functions, such as fulfilling objectives, gaining or spending resources, placing control cubes or providing abilities.


Players can also scout to gather resources, however venturing out into the darkness is not without danger and, despite your best attempt to create a team from your hand which meets the exploration objective, one member will always return injured and be put out of play.


In the clean-up phase, all used cards are discarded and any extra food and water can be sold.  Players can then use this money in the next round to buy different cards.


Scoring is completed for territories under the player's control and money at the end of the game. The game ends when the draw deck is depleted and the player with the most points wins!


This is a game we're really excited about at OnTabletop - Alexander Pfister is a great game designer, the artwork is awesome, and it has the potential to be a really intense and competitive campaign game. Blackout: Hong Kong will be previewing with Eggertspiele at Essen in October, and should hopefully be released in the last quarter of the year.

What is your favourite campaign game? Let us know!

"Utilize your resources and manage your specialists to maintain control over Hong Kong!"

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