Bodge Together Zombies & Goblins in Privateer’s New Game

January 13, 2014 by dracs

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The Bodgers of Privateer Press return in their latest board game installment. This time those gobbo engineers must use their mechanical know how to fight off the living dead in Zombies Keep Out!

Zombies Keep Out

In this zany cooperative game, players must work together to gather all the bits and pieces they need to fight off the zombie horde and keep them from breaking into the workshop. However, if someone gets bitten they will soon turn on their friends and join the shambling masses.

Zombies Keep Out Contents

This game, for 1-6 players, is the latest installment in the increasingly crazy Bodger game series from Privateer Press. I have played one or two of the other games and I have to say I think this one looks the most interesting so far. I particularly like comedic touches, such as players who get bitten are no longer able to talk properly.  They must slur and groan like the brain dead abomination they are.

Zombies Keep Out Cards

Zombies Keep Out should be appearing in April, along with all its various plastic zombie models. It looks like it will be a pretty fun and possibly kid friendly game to play as a group and I for one want to have a go at fighting off the zombie horde with cobbled together goblin tech.

Have you played any of the bodger games? What do you think of this one?

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