Check Out This Mass Of Zombicide Toxic City Mall Spoilers

February 7, 2013 by brennon

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Guillotine Games have decided to ramp up the excitement for their coming expansion to Zombicide, Toxic City Mall, with a selection of spoilers...

Raoul Zombicide Spoiler

Toxic City Mall Miniatures

First up we have a look at the different miniatures that you'll be getting in this game alongside one of the new survivors. It looks like everyone is a bit worse for wear in this Mall. It isn't as safe as people think! The miniatures are looking great as always and worth painting up too.

Mission M09 Spoiler

They have also had a look at the gaming board you can play with in the expansion. A few of the new areas can be seen here and it might give you an idea of where you might head when you get your hands on the game itself.

Toxic Zombies Spoiler #1

Toxic Zombies Spoiler #2

Zombie Dogz

And the next big reveal are the zombies that you will be facing when you head to the Mall. Not only will there be the standard shamblers but things like these terrifying Zombie Dogz and even that nasty Toxic Abomination! It's all shaping up to be a rather awesome new excursion into the world of Zombicide.

How is this shaping up as an expansion?

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