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Cthulhu Tale, Horror On The Orient Express, Becomes Board Game!


Chaosium just announced that they are going to be bringing a classic Call Of Cthulhu adventure to the tabletop in board game form. Horror On The Orient Express will see you and your friends travelling through the Dreamlands battling all manner of strange, eldritch horrors.

Horror Minis & Deck Building! Blacklist Games’ Dire Alliance Kickstarter


Today we get a first look at the new board game Kickstarter from Blacklist Games which is packed full with 28mm horror miniatures called Dire Alliance.

Arkham Horror Card Game Unboxing: The Circle Undone Expansion


The Cthulhu-two crack open the ancient texts and unveil the latest expansion for the Arkham Horror co-operative card game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Black Library Prepare A Series Of Chilling Tales With Warhammer Horror


Later this month, Black Library will be launching a new range of stories based in the 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms. However, these stories aren't tales of action and adventure. These are Warhammer Horror.

Roll For Sanity With New Elder Dice On Kickstarter


In the darkest corners of the arcane depths, the grimoires of mystery lie hidden. Within them,  the ancient glowing stones, engraved with mystic symbols which have driven so many to madness. These are the Elder Dice.

Roll For Insight: Mechanical Intensity


This week Ryan looks at how certain board games can create a feeling of intensity through their mechanics.

Let’s Play: Claustrophobia 1643


Justin and Gerry descend into the depths of hell to play through Claustrophobia 1643 from Monolith.

Unboxing: Alone


Justin and Ryan muster some courage to unbox Alone from Horrible Games which has got quite the Dead Space vibe going on!

Unboxing: Claustrophobia 1643


Gerry and Justin manage to get their hands on Monolith's shiny new edition of Claustrophobia 1643.

RAINN Studios Announce Upcoming Elder Dice Kickstarter


All supporters of the Great Cthulhu should be very excited to hear of the upcoming Elder Dice Kickstarter from RAINN Studios. These lovely, collectible dice will be the perfect addition to any Lovecraftian collection and look great on the table.

Let’s Play: The Walking Dead – Shopping Mall Scavenge


Today we're joined by Gerry to play the very special Walking Dead: All Out War game from Mantic Games.

Purgatory Offers A Glimpse Of A Devil In Its Last Few Days On KS


The fantastic world of Purgatory has entered its final few days on Kickstarter, and Underestimated Games is still revealing outrageous characters for the game. Feast your eyes on one of the terrifying Devils for the War for Heaven!

Terrifying Moloch Joins Murder Inc. In The Purgatory Kickstarter With New Goals!


Underestimated Games has pulled out the big guns with a finished Moloch mini for Murder Inc., and he looks incredible! Don't you worry, because there's plenty of other fan favorites that have just been added as stretch goals including Faith and Bridezilla.

A Trick Or Treat Miniature Is Next Stretch Goal For Purgatory


The good stuff from Underestimated Games just keeps coming for their War For Heaven, Purgatory. As the stretch goals continue to break loose, we've seen a teaser image for a rockn' mercenary miniature as their Trick Or Treat Yourself goal!

Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Their 3D Printed Abigail


Paranoid Miniatures is running at full speed breathing life into the minis for their long awaited world of Mythos. This week, they've given a peek at the 3D print for the Priory's Abigail.

A Look At The Upcoming Darklight: Memento Mori Kickstarter


Dark Ice Games is very near launching their Kickstarter for Darklight: Memento Mori, a cooperative board game where players participate in a proper dungeon crawl on their quest for treasure and souls. This game looks to combine beautiful miniatures and plenty of replayability with the randomness of dungeon configuration.

Paranoid Introduce The Loyal Angler Of The Dockland Queen


Every good henchman (or woman, as it were), needs a loyal minion to carry out their bidding. This week Paranoid Miniatures have given a look at The Angler, the pet of the Dockland Queen.

Paranoid Miniatures Shares Concept Art For The Fisherman King


Paranoid Miniatures continues to impress with the stunning concepts coming forth for their upcoming world of Mythos.

Weekender XLBS: Necromancy, Fantasy Baseball & BoW 2016 Plans


We have some great stuff to chat about today and with so many different ways to interact these days through the internet we're interested in how you watch and read through Beasts of War. Take the Survey Now Click Here

The Great Old Ones Kickstarter Has The Perfect Gift For Fans Of Lovecraft


What could be a better treasure for a fan of the Great Cthulhu, than a bronze idol? The H.P. Lovecraft: Cthulhu Mythos Great Ones Idols Kickstarter has the perfect pieces for gamers and collectors of the Ancient Ones.

The Others Tease With Plastic Minis For Upcoming Kickstarter


The Kickstarter is drawing near, so CMON, Guillotine Games and Studio McVey have tipped their hats and are showing off some of the production plastics for The Others: 7 Sins. Have a look at the Heroes of FAITH.

Paranoid Miniatures Reveals Render For Their Second Mythos Mini


Paranoid Miniatures has revealed the render for their second miniature for their work in progress game, Mythos! Abigail is a cool, 1920's chic, wielding a pickaxe. What's not to love about that?

The Vampire’s Codex RPG has Risen!


Vampires are everywhere this time of the year and now you can play as one in this new RPG called The Vampire's Codex from 20 Eyes entertainment Inc. now running on Kickstarter.

Bunnies vs Zombies Gets the Axe


The Kickstarter project by Ninja Division, Bunnies vs Zombies has been cancelled as last of last night.

Cool Mini or Not and Army Painter Bring Colour to Zombicide


The Army Painter have announced that they are partnering with Cool Mini or Not and Kvasir Innovations to bring out some custom paint sets for Guillotine Games' board game Zombicide.

Sanity Slips Away as Call of Cthulhu Video Game is Announced


Call of Cthulhu is, perhaps, one of the most influential pen and paper RPGs of all time, responsible for bringing the works of Lovecraft to a wider readership in the modern day. Now, Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive are turning it into a video game.

Bodge Together Zombies & Goblins in Privateer’s New Game


The Bodgers of Privateer Press return in their latest board game installment. This time those gobbo engineers must use their mechanical know how to fight off the living dead in Zombies Keep Out!

Silver Gryphon Games Presents Spooky Supplement A Stitched in Time


No matter who we are, whatever we do in life, there is a part in each of us that glories in the macabre, the horrible, the supernatural. Now these elements can be brought to the RPG Æther with the new supplement A Stitched in Time.

Fenris Games Unveil A Very Fishy Fountain


Just because you worship the elder beings and all their twisted malformed spawn does't mean your garden can't have a nice water feature, as Fenris Games have a new piece of scenery which will soon be joining their Mythos range.

Wheaton and Co. Go Insane Over Unspeakable Words


For our friends in America it was Thanksgiving yesterday, a time when families come together to argue over the turkey. Board games are a great way to interact with the family, and what better game to play than this Cthulhu word game Wil Wheaton and co. break out on TableTop?

Wyrd Show Off Gummy Bear Looking Malifaux Minis! [Updated!]


What do you make of these new coloured plastic Malifaux Crew Members from Wyrd?

Pig Iron Production Spreads the Infection


Whether it be a zombie plague or just a plain old super virus the shambling infected are no stranger to our gaming tables, especially now that Pig Iron Productions are bringing us some new sets of these unfortunates. Pig Iron […]

Boost Your Malifaux Crews With Added November Release


Add some more gunslingers and sassy lasses with the new minion packs coming out for Malifaux this month.

Shut Down An Experiment In Mansions Of Madness Expansion


Dive in and check out a new spooky adventure from Fantasy Flight Games for Mansions of Madness!

Start Crafting Your 2E Malifaux Crew With Updated Creator


Dive in and check out the new crew creator for Malifaux 2E! The artwork is pretty snazzy for this one as well!

Waits In Grave Tease More Artwork For Upcoming Game


See what you think of more sneak peek artwork for Waits in Graves upcoming project. It will be interesting trying to work out what this one is!

Telltale Tease The Walking Dead Season Two!


If you were able to dive into the first season of The Walking Dead then this next one from Telltale Games is well worth a look. See what you think of their hype-heavy trailer.

Studio Miniatures Send Survivors to Face the Zombie Horde


A new group of survivors have escaped from Studio Miniatures and are now available for you to bring against your hordes of zombies.

Slender Arrives in Time for Halloween


Today is Halloween, the night of spooks and scares, where the world of the living brushes with the world of the dead. On a night such as this you want a scary game to get into the spirit and what better than the sequel to one of the best modern horror games? Get ready to run and hide in Slender: The Arrival!

On The Table s6 ep6: Halloween Spooktacular!


The Class of Crooked Dice Teach Zombies a Lesson


With Halloween fast approaching it is time for some more British zombie fun with Crooked Dice's expansion to the game 7ombieTV, For Ghouls and Colleges. Now a whole load more of the rowdy girls of St Searle's Foundation for Young Women are joining the fight.

Deadly Creatures Spring Forth For Hell Dorado


Uncover the world of deadly monsters and hellish visions with Hell Dorado from Cipher Studios. Some of their Kickstarter rewards are making their way onto the battlefield.

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