Deadly Creatures Spring Forth For Hell Dorado

October 8, 2013 by brennon

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Cipher Studios' Hell Dorado is finally seeing the fruits of it's Kickstarter labours that ended earlier this year. See what you make of two of the creatures that are spawning into the world ready to drag you into hell and beyond...

Corvus Harriers


Above you can see the models and artwork for the Corvus Harriers and the deadly Queztalcoatl looking to rampage across the battlefield. I think that once again they have done a sterling job with the monsters for this game and while I know little about the rules themselves I have a stirring in my wallet whenever I see the sculpts.

There was a lot more on the horizon for the Hell Dorado Kickstarter so expect to see more monsters appearing as the year comes to a close.

Which of the two is your favourite?

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