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Anima Tactics Gets Cursed Archer October In July!


See what you make of this new cursed archer called October coming to spoil your summer for Anima Tactics.

A Valiant Knight Charges Into Cipher’s Hell Dorado


Ride into battle alongside this Westerner as you take on the fiery world of Hell Dorado.

Welcome To The World Of Hell Dorado


Have you ever wondered what it’s like playing tabletop games in the fiery realm of Hell? See what you think of our introduction to the factions, gameplay, and world of Hell Dorado!

Anne Hale Explores the World of Hell Dorado


Cipher Studios have previewed a new miniature on their Hell Dorado Kickstarter page; the long awaited female explorer Anne Hale

An Angel Falls into Hell Dorado this February


This February should hopefully be seeing a big release from Cipher Studios which will include none other than the main villain from their Hell Dorado kickstarted expansion Inferno.

Deadly Creatures Spring Forth For Hell Dorado


Uncover the world of deadly monsters and hellish visions with Hell Dorado from Cipher Studios. Some of their Kickstarter rewards are making their way onto the battlefield.

Cipher Preview Their October Additions To Hell Dorado


Cipher Studios have dived into Hell and back to bring you some previews of the models coming in October.

A New Djinn Character Pops Out of Cipher’s Lamp


Cipher Studios are getting ready to ship out their Inferno expansion for Hell Dorado and just to get us excited have put out a detailed preview of one of the new Djinn characters joining the Saracen forces.

Unbelievers Beware the Executioner of Hell Dorado


A new threat has appeared in Hell Dorado and considering we are talking about Hell that’s a lot of threat. Stalking the land and dealing with those who oppose Christendom, he is known as The Executioner.

Cipher Studios Add To Their Aztec Inspired Warriors


Take to the world of Hell Dorado with these awesome looking new figures from Cipher Studios.

Hell Dorado Welcomes More Heroes & Villains


Check out some more fantastic heroes and villains
(mostly villains) for the world of Hell Dorado.

The Anima Tactics Holy Empire Gains A New Sword


Check out another work-in-progress sculpt from Cipher Studios as they add to the Anima Tactics range.

Cross Blades with the Latest Releases of Anima Tactics


Three new miniatures are appearing for Anima Tactics, ranging from a heavily armoured ornate warrior to a monstrous hound from the depths of nightmares.

Cipher Spice Up Hell With Some Monkey Magic


He has appeared, the coolest character from Asiatic folklore and 70’s TV has returned in miniature form. I am of course talking about the one, the only Sun Wukong, the Monkey King!

Gear Up for Anima Tactics


Cipher have been busy with the Robotech Kickstarter and the upcoming expansion for Hell Dorado, but Anima Tactics is not being ignored with a couple of new previews having just appeared.

Magic Versus Faith From Cipher Studios


Check out two awesome looking model sets
that will be added to both the Anima
Tactics line and the Hell Dorado one.
Which of them will you be picking up?

The Deadly Quetzalcoatl Leads The Aztecs In Hell Dorado: Inferno


Check out this deadly looking Aztec leader for the Hell Dorado: Inferno expansion currently getting funded on Kickstarter.

A Shadowy Figure Stalks Into Anima Tactics


Check out a superbly painted miniature that will be making it’s way to your Anima Tactics tabletop very soon from Cipher Studios.

The Miniatures For Hell Dorado: Inferno Take Shape


Check out some of the miniatures that will be coming to a tabletop near you soon with the Hell Dorado: Inferno Kickstarter.

Prepare for the World of Robotech RPG Coming to the Table Top


Cipher Studios have announced that they, alongside Palladium Games and Ninja Division, are bringing the popular sci-fi role playing game of Robotech to the tabletop in Robotech RPG Tactics!

Hell Dorado: Inferno Heads To Kickstarter & Takes Over!


Check out this Kickstarter for the world of Hell Dorado. This new expansion plumbs new depths of the Inferno! Maybe they will meet Dante on his travels?