Cipher Studios Rub Their Magic Lamp for Hell Dorado

April 24, 2012 by brennon

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A whole raft of New Miniatures are on their way from Cipher Studios for Hell Dorado! Check out these mysterious and magical looking models below...

Chams al Majid

Kuan Yin

Some certainly good looking miniatures here from Hell Dorado. I love the way the genie has been painted, it's certainly bought out all the movement in the model. But if you're looking for something more monstrous, how about these?

Flesh Demon

Squamata Spitter

Now that Flesh Demon is utterly disgusting! I hope you're not eating when you saw that picture. Such a departure from the sleek looking miniatures above it. Of course with all these nasties around you're going to need a saintly man to deal with it...

Alvaro Eschaverria de Balaguer

The Warrior Priest of the Hell Dorado world perhaps? Over all these are some fantastic miniatures from Cipher Studios and I bet some of you already have a favourite.

What do you think of these new models?

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