The Horrifying Type 009 Arrives in Anima Tactics

June 18, 2012 by brennon

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Cipher Studios' Anima Tactics has some weird and wonderful miniatures in its line but this guy is one of the most horrifying. Check out the twisted and macabre Type 009...

Type 009

Plenty of exposed muscle, crazy bone protrusions and twisted flesh weapons are the hallmark of a very eerie miniature. I like the model but it would have been awesome to see it with the different skeletal hands and whips.

Type 009 Character Card (Front)

Cipher Studios also published Type 009's character card so you can check out just what this guy can do on the battlefields of Anima Tactics.

Type 009 Character Card (Rear)

So take a good look and if you're into the Anima Tactics game this might be a great new addition for you. The model is certainly something to go to town on with your painting skills.

What do you make of Type 009?

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