Unbelievers Beware the Executioner of Hell Dorado

September 15, 2013 by dracs

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A new threat has appeared in Hell Dorado and considering we are talking about Hell that's a lot of threat. Stalking the land and dealing with those who oppose Christendom, he is known as The Executioner.


Even from this piece of concept art we can see he is a rather imposing figure. Even more imposing when you take into account the snipit of back story Cipher have provided:

The Executioner stalks the lands of Hell, leaving a trail of blood and death in his wake. He does his grisly work in the name of Christendom, and gives no heed to non-believers.

His axe is the inexorable specter of death, and even the most twisted entities fear his countenance.

Hell Dorado has to be one of my favourite game settings and Cipher Studios have always done a brilliant job in realising their character designs as sculpts, so I for one am looking forward to seeing this brute get unleashed upon the world.

Will you be employing the services of The Executioner?

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