Hell Dorado Heats Up with Inferno Previews

October 12, 2012 by brennon

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Cipher Studios revealed their next Hell Dorado endeavour last week, Inferno. Now they are igniting the fires of shiny syndrome with a preview of some of the new miniatures that you will be seeing...

Mercenaries – Gotz Von Berlichingen

Mercenaries – Isaia and Golem

Mercenaries – Charon

Some pretty fantastic miniatures that really do evoke the sense of impending hellish doom. I particularly like Charon and the mighty golem. I certainly am looking forwards to the rest of the Inferno line. I can imagine their being a lot more mind bending, horror causing miniatures out there too pulled straight from the Devils vault.

What do you think of the Inferno line so far?

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