Hell Dorado: Inferno Heads To Kickstarter & Takes Over!

February 20, 2013 by brennon

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Hell Dorado is a game by Cipher Studios that is well loved with fantastic looking miniatures and some seriously awesome background and now it's headed to Kickstarter. The new campaign seeks to find funding to finish their new expansion Hell Dorado: Inferno...

Inferno Rulebook

Inferno Extract

This expansion takes you to a new level of Hell where the war between demons has exploded and threatens to engulf all in its path. Every faction will get new miniatures and profiles to play in new scenarios with plenty of added rules to go around.

Hell Dorado MiniaturesThe various pledge levels will gift you with anything from the rulebook itself to starter sets and beyond. Best thing is they have already bust their target wide open and are moving onto stretch goals after just one day.

I wonder how much they will raise in a month!

What do you think of Hell Dorado?

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