Anima Tactics Welcomes Two More Lovely Ladies

May 7, 2012 by brennon

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Cipher Studios have been showing off some of their latest releases for the world of Anima Tactics. Check out the two lovely ladies ready to steal the cash right from your wallet...

Lynn Steiner

Lynn Steiner is the second daughter of the Steiner house, one of the two main Black Sun families. Raised in privilege to be a leader, pride prevents her from leaving her business to agents and prefers to act directly accompanied by her servants. She is in almost superhuman physical condition, and has access to the largest collection of supernatural artifacts in existence on Gaia.


Valentine is a legend among the spies of the Empire. Throughout the entire network of agents, she is the only one who has never failed a mission in anyway. An expert at infiltrating enemy lines and using Lost Logias in combat, Valentine provides exemplary support for the child Empress.

As you can see, some rather beautiful looking new models from the world of Anima. Of the two I would have to say Valentine is my favourite simply for the Bayonetta vibe going on with the glasses and the double pistols. Just need some heeled shoes that fire bullets too and she's sorted.

Will you be adding these ladies to your collection?

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