Gear Up for Anima Tactics

May 30, 2013 by dracs

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Cipher have been busy with the Robotech Kickstarter and the upcoming expansion for Hell Dorado, but Anima Tactics is not being ignored with a couple of new previews having just appeared.

Firstly a new Gear will soon be joining the repertoire of the Wissenschaft, the Front Line Support Gear Mk. Trithemius.

Trithemius Gear

Unlike other Gears used by the Wissenschaft, these ones are mass produced and don't need a character pilot to operate them. This will allow you to field more than one in your games.

Trithemius Modifications

Another card has also been previewed by Cipher, the Executive Team advantage card for Bridget Setsuna and Clover.

Executive Team

Here's what Cipher have to say about this new bonus for these characters:

While this advantage card gives no abilities directly to Clover, it turns Bridget into the ultimate support machine for Clover’s preferred undead heavy list, granting her improved control, the ability to circumvent disadvantageous final protocols on Type-005, and the insidious Resurrection Protocol

But wait, that is not all, as we have also been provided a quick glimpse at some of the enemies we will face in the upcoming video game Anima Gate of Memories.

Memory Marionette

I am really excited about this game and it good to see it is still progressing. Remember, while the Kickstarter for it ma be over you can still pledge your support on its website.

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