February Brings The Power Of The Templar To Hell Dorado

February 7, 2013 by brennon

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If you're a love of Hell Dorado and you liked the concept art we saw mid-way through last year then these two new releases for February should be a welcome sight. Check out the Templars below!

Alvaro Echeverria de Balaguer

Templar Guillaume de Sable

Some fantastic models once again from Cipher Studios. I love the way these miniatures have been painted and the sculpts all look great, but then I do like me some religious warriors.

My only complaint, or at the very least a niggle, would be that the Templar's sword looks a little too big for his hand, a bit too comic perhaps?

Overall though both models have a nice theme to them and it will be fun to see how they work within the world of Hell Dorado. I still maintain Cipher should do a spin off game based off the Dante's Inferno video game!

What do you think of these Templar?

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