Cipher Preview Their October Additions To Hell Dorado

September 27, 2013 by brennon

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Cipher Studios showed us the preview of the Twilight Knight yesterday and today they have some additions to their line for October. See what you make of this trio of bloodthirsty souls...

Marcus Leblanc - Hell Dorado

Infernal Crusher - Hell Dorado

To begin with we have two very different types of Crusader. The first looks like an awesome masked warrior heading off into the Holy Land to do battle with demons. The Infernal Crusader is probably one such enemy. I wouldn't want to annoy him.

I've always quite liked the miniatures from Hell Dorado but never really got into the game or understood the background to it. I have a bit of a soft spot for Crusaders and the Holy Wars as a period of history so seeing all these Templars and Demons is pretty ace. I wonder if they will ever make a Dante from Dante's Inferno?

Luther Delacroix - Anima Tactics

Rounding things off for October we have something a bit different. Luther Delacroix isn't heading for Hell but indeed coming to the tabletop for Anima Tactics. This is one of their games that I'm not too interested in, never been a proper fan of the anime look, but they do make some rather cool looking figures.

Will you be heading to Hell this October?

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