Cipher Studios Ride to Hell Dorado

June 12, 2012 by brennon

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Some more previews from the world of Hell Dorado today with Cipher Studios. This time we have a bit of a mounted theme going on so check out the models and see what you think...

Layla Bint Suraya Bint Javaira

First up is Layla Bint Suraya Bint Javaira for the Saracens. A pretty commanding model where she looks like she's commanding her fellow warriors in the midst of a battle. She looks like she could handle herself too with that rather cruel looking scimitar.

Don Quichotte

Second is Don Quichotte with a flaming steed straight from the pits of hell. I love the contrast between the evil looking horse and the oddly jovial expression on Don Quichotte's face. I suppose he could just be happy killing?


And last but not least is Alazais choosing her next victim it seems. A great model to get stuck into with freehand work if you were so inclined. A lot of bare cloth which could be patterned with whatever your mind can dream up.

So do any of you follow Hell Dorado and love the look of these models?

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