Cross Blades with the Latest Releases of Anima Tactics

June 25, 2013 by dracs

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Three new miniatures are appearing for Anima Tactics, ranging from a heavily armoured ornate warrior to a monstrous hound from the depths of nightmares.

Anima Tactics - Mijhail

Anima Tactics - Hellhound

Anima Tactics - Dagger

These plastic sculpts have tons of detail. The intricacies shown on the armour of Mijhail is particularly impressive. Anima Tactics have some of the greatest sculpts in fantasy gaming and these three plastic models really highlight this quality.

I think we should definitely get Romain to paint some of these up. The excellent designs of the armour worn by both Dagger and Mijhail should provide plenty of painting opportunities.

What colour schemes might you choose for these models?

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