Snap Up Recent Dropzone Commander Dropships & Buggies

May 8, 2024 by brennon

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TTCombat recently released some new 10mm scale Sci-Fi miniatures for Dropzone Commander building on the armies for those playing as the Resistance or the UCM. Leading the way was the Carryhawk Dropship which is going to be making sure the command bunker gets where it needs to be.

Carryhawk Dropship - Dropzone Commander

Carryhawk Dropship // Dropzone Commander

The Carryhawk Dropship's main combat role is to make sure that the forward command bunker is deployed where it needs to go. The bunker will be able to relay orders to the frontlines whilst the dropship hovers above, blasting anyone who gets too close. With that in mind, the set comes with both the Carryhawk Dropship and the Command Bunker.

Carryhawk Dropship & Command Bunker - Dropzone Commander

Carryhawk Dropship & Command Bunker // Dropzone Commander

The Carryhawk can be armed with rotary cannons or sentinel turrets depending on what you'd prefer to use to invite death via bullet. It's another ace little resin kit from TTCombat that helps to slowly expand the range of miniatures for the Resistance in Dropzone Commander.

On the UCM side of things, we also have the Badger Buggy which is going to be doing some zooming around.

Badger Buggy - Dropzone Commander

Badger Buggy // Dropzone Commander

The Badger Buggy is one of the most common and cheaper armoured vehicles in the UCM arsenal. It can carry five soldiers around and deploy them where they need to go, capturing objectives and securing them in the face of the enemy. It then has the ability to support that infantry with anti-infantry firepower. There is also a variant known as the Ferret which is more of a target designator unit, spotting the enemy for your larger vehicles.

These are just a few of the more recent releases for Dropzone Commander from TTCombat. Recently, some of you dived into the forums to ask about Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander and we'd be fascinated to have you dive into the comments and tell us if you're still playing the game. We're certainly going to try and bring more of the news about the game back to the news feed.

Drop (hah) your thoughts below...

"...we'd be fascinated to have you dive into the comments and tell us if you're still playing the game"

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