New Dire Foes & More For Corvus Belli’s Infinity In June 2024

May 9, 2024 by brennon

Corvus Belli has been showing off the new releases coming to Infinity for the month of June 2024. There are some great new 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures on the way including a range of characters and a new Dire Foes pack.

Libertos - Infinity

Libertos // Infinity

One of the new miniatures that really caught my eye was the addition of the Libertos. This mercenary is a guerilla fighter who is willing to fight for their freedom and make sure that PanOceania pay. They are seeking to rise up against their oppressors in the form of the PanOceanians and the Omn who worked with them. If you're looking to stick it to the man (and by this we mean mankind!) then this fellow seems like a great option.

If you're looking for a new Ariadna character to throw into the mix then how about Brigadier Jacques Bruant who most definitely isn't based on a particular professional.

Brigadier Jacques Bruant - Infinity

Brigadier Jacques Bruant // Infinity

Bruant is another hero for you to throw into your games alongside other Ariadna troops. He will do anything to survive and does that well with the addition of the AP Spitfire that he uses to take down anyone who dares to consider killing him. He has a brilliant miniature I really like the swagger that he has.

New Infinity Dire Foes Set

As well as both of those new characters, there is also a new Dire Foes set for you to snap up. Head into the Blocking Zone with the fourteenth pack in the Dire Foes series.

Dire Foes Mission Pack 14 Blocking Zone - Infinity

Dire Foes Mission Pack 14: Blocking Zone // Infinity

Bringing together the speed and intensity of roller derby and alien technology smuggling through lawless zones in the Human Sphere, this once again introduces a fun narrative scenario for you to play out where you're two factions are battling over a very important target. O-12 goes up against the Nomads in this set which features Sonya Lacroix with MULTI Rifle, Lupe Balboa with Combi Rifle. You also get the awesome Roller Girl who takes on the role of your VIP and can be used in various scenarios, not just this Dire Foes mission.

Support Packs & Hunters

As well as those new sets, we also have a new Support Pack for those playing as ALEPH.

ALEPH Support Pack Beta - Infinity

ALEPH Support Pack Beta // Infinity

This set features a Sophotect who offers technical support and medical assistance to those on the battlefield. They will keep ALEPH personnel alive and the equipment working so they can continue fighting. The set comes with one of those Sophotects with a Combi Rifle alongside two Yudbots and three Netrods. Use this set alongside the specialised troops from Operation: Blackwind and you'll be able to take even the deadliest blows and keep fighting.

Last but not least, we have the Moran who are Maasai Hunters for your Nomads.

Moran, Maasai Hunters - Infinity.jpg

Moran, Maasai Hunters // Infinity

These Maasai Warriors called the Moran are the hunters of your Nomad force. They are light infantry and scouts who range out ahead of the rest of your force to keep an eye on what the enemy is doing. One of the Moran comes armed with a Combi Rifle whilst the second has a Boarding Shotgun. They are also backed up by four CrazyKoalas which means that you can do a lot to control the tabletop and various objectives. Some more brilliant miniatures from Corvus Belli showcase the range of different groups fighting for factions.

Are you going to be picking up these new releases in June?

"Head into the Blocking Zone with the fourteenth pack in the Dire Foes series..."

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