Silver Gryphon Games Presents Spooky Supplement A Stitched in Time

January 12, 2014 by dracs

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No matter who we are, whatever we do in life, there is a part in each of us that glories in the macabre, the horrible, the supernatural. Now these elements can be brought to the RPG Æther with the new supplement A Stitched in Time.

A Stitched in TIme

Now released by Silver Gryphon Games, A Stitched in Time brings new rules for supernatural gaming using the Æther rule system, as well as its very own pre-made adventure which can be expanded into a full story arch.

You are a member of the shadowy Bureau 8, a section of the FBI that deals with all the strange goings on the FBI cannot face. Something odd has been brought to your attention; a body that looks as if it has been stitched together. Can you get to the bottom of the mystery presented by this modern day Promethean?

I love RPGs that contain a bit of horror and mystery. Will you be trying A Stitched in Time?

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