Cool Mini or Not and Army Painter Bring Colour to Zombicide

February 26, 2014 by dracs

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The Army Painter have announced that they are partnering with Cool Mini or Not and Kvasir Innovations to bring out some custom paint sets for Guillotine Games' board game Zombicide.


At present there are plans to release two initial paint sets: the Zombie Core Paint Set and the Toxic/Prison Supplement Paint Set.

Zombicide Minis

Zombicide, and its various expansions, have some excellent gaming pieces, especially by board game standards. They are well detailed and full of unique character that makes the game stand out from the glut of zombie games on the market. The release of specialized paint sets will allow people to really bring the game to life and try out new painting techniques.

Maybe we should pick up a paint set for Romain when they get released.

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