Wheaton and Co. Go Insane Over Unspeakable Words

November 29, 2013 by dracs

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For our friends in America it was Thanksgiving yesterday, a time when families come together to argue over the turkey. Board games are a great way to interact with the family, and what better game to play than this Cthulhu word game Wil Wheaton and co. break out on TableTop?

Wil Wheaton

In today's episode Wil Wheaton is joined by Felicia Day, Troy Baker and Erin Gray to play Unspeakable Words, a Lovecraftian word game which apparently came to its creator in a dream after playing a marathon session of back to back Arkham Horror and Scrabble.

Each of the players is a cultist trying to spell out words of power with the letter cards in their hands. Letters have a points value depending on how many angles were in that letter.

Unspeakable Words

Each turn you form your word of power and then roll the sanity dice. If you roll under the total points value of your word than you lose a point of sanity.

Huh, gradually going insane forming weird words? This does sound just like my usual games of Scrabble.

Once you lose all your sanity you are out of the game, but when you are on just one sanity point the rules of spelling no longer apply to you and you can make any word you want. So in other words this is the perfect game for Justin.


Will you tune into this tentacular TableTop?

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