Collaborate as Wizards to Unlock Portals With Spells in Mystic Paths

July 23, 2021 by fcostin

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"Speak Friend and Enter", is a phrase in which isn't often used in the day-to-day. And rarely am I provided with a word game, that is collaborating within a fantasy universe to be able to riddle my way through portals and doorways!

Mystic Paths from R&R Games is set to come out this August, after being announced at early stages this year and players will need to finesse their way through blocked portals, by simply using the power of communication and strategy and of course... a lot of magic.

Mystic Paths // R&R Games

Working as a trainee wizard, players will be sent off to discover the wonders of the Eternal Forrest. Here in this mystical forest, players have been tasks to work together to find their way through ten steps or face their demise in the otherworldly woodland. And more importantly never truly graduate as a full-fledged wizard.

Players will not have all the time in the world to dilly-dally in this world, as completing these steps and making their way through doors and clearing the path is crucial, however, going up against the clock whilst doing so can certainly add some extra pressure. As R&R games say themselves - "Strategy prevails, cooperation is necessary, and communication is everything."

Mystic Paths // R&R Games

As 2-6 players make their way into the Eternal Forest, they will be met with several steps which are no easy feat. These steps are available as closed portals, that will only open with a particular enchantment, spell or in this case - extremely specific words. Words that would bring curses upon those who merely mutter of them!

One player will know the spell that will allow them to get through the other side, and they will provide one-word clues and hints with the hope that they truly can leave the forest. Once players have passed through ten portals they will have completed their tasks, and are able to graduate into Wizard-dom!

The premise of the game is relatively simple. Being pitched for ages 12+, players will not be expected to endure hours of guessing what the magic word is against your friends on games night who like to wind you up a little. Taking roughly 20-45 minutes depending on how quick-witted you and your team are.

You can now pre-order Mystic Paths from your FLGS Store and a vast range of online stores, so if you are looking for a fantasy-themed word game that is sure to be a hit at your next game night, you might want to give title a look-see.

What is your favourite word game?

"As 2-6 players make their way into the Eternal Forest, they will be met with several steps which are no easy feat!"

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