Uncover Secrets & Solve Puzzles In Enigma: Beyond Code

January 23, 2020 by brennon

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CrowD Games are looking ahead to a new release this year that caught my eye. As someone who likes puzzles and solving them on the tabletop I was very interested in Enigma: Beyond Code.

Enigma Beyond Code - Sergey Pritula

Enigma: Beyond Code is, who would have guessed it, a game all about deduction. In the game, each of you will take on the role of supposed cryptology experts who have arrived at the Agency's mansion to try and break the enigma code. Only one of you is the true decrypter though and the others are imposters who are trying to complete their own secret missions.

Completing your mission involves delving into the deck of mansion cards in the game which represents rooms and objects within it. You'll be working as a "team" which means you have to tell others what you find. Of course if what you find doesn't align with your secret mission then you can always lie but will you take the risk?

The twist in the tale here is that the enigma code isn't just a way to decipher what the Germans are saying. There is a taste of the weird in here too!

"World War II is ongoing. Germany broadly uses Enigma rotor cypher machines. The breaking of the Enigma code gives the Allies an advantage in the war — but this is just one side of the coin because the Enigma code is based on chaos, a non-measurable force lurking beyond the boundaries of our world and eager to consume all its flesh. The code decryption would stop the chaos invasion into our world."

Games take around five-to-ten minutes to play and the person who gets three victories will become the overall victor. I think this sounds like it has the quick and easy nature of other games like Love Letter and presents you with an interesting premise too. It would be fun to see how this actually plans nearer the time but it has my interest!

What do you think?

"There is a taste of the weird in here too!"

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