Take On Crusading Heroes & Monsters In New Descent Pack

April 25, 2014 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have previewed another of their Hero & Monster collections for Descent 2nd Edition with Crusade of the Forgotten which renews and tweaks a number of heroes and monster groups from the first edition of the game and adds them to your ongoing campaigns.

Crusade of the Forgotten

Heroes & Monsters

The main draw of course is this mass of awesome looking miniatures adding in four new heroes and a range of creepy looking monster groups to battle them. Golems, Medusae and Sorcerers are taking on the vigilante warrior Tahlia, the deadly assassin Tetherys, the brilliant mage Astarra, and the supernaturally gifted Andira Runehand.

Hero Card


Above are some of the cards showing off both side of the conflict for the Heroes and the Overlord. I love Tetherys' ability making her quite the deadly fighter. She is the perfect hero for dealing with a variety of threats and she warrants getting stuck in, as long as she has a healer nearby.

We're still finding the game very hard right now (as heroes) but hopefully we'll get back into it and start taking on more quests and using our powers better!

Will you pick this pack up?

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