Cthulhu Wars Rises from the Waves of Kickstarter

June 9, 2013 by dracs

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It's typical, I have been keeping a dutiful eye on Cthulhu Wars since its inception and the minute I spend a day on holiday the Kickstarter goes live. And it looks awesome!

Cthulhu Wars Game

For those of you who do not already know, Cthulhu Wars is an upcoming board game from Lovecraftian master Sandy Petersen in which 3-5 players take on the roles of Great Old Ones who have returned to claim the earth.

According to the Kickstarter, the game play will most resemble games such as Fantasy Flight's Chaos in the Old World. Players control various factions, creating groups of cultists, building gates, awakening Great Old Ones and using spellbooks to destroy their enemies.

Great Cthulhu

Crawling Chaos

Yellow Sign

Black Goat

The Kickstarter has already smashed through its funding goals and is currently working towards stretch goals which will bring even more Lovecraftian horrors to reality. With sculpts like these it is easy to see why it has proven so popular.


I am really excited for this game. The concept of playing through as the amorphous horrors of Lovecraft's imagination has such an appeal to it that I am surprised it has taken this long to be made such a reality.

If you want to bow before Cthulhu help his rise by supporting the Kickstarter.

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