Direct Desert Deliveries In Caravan

January 22, 2019 by cassn

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1300 A.D., Western Africa — the desire for goods such as ivory in Europe drives the development of many trade routes here, with caravans of camels delivering goods across the desert landscape.

Caravan is a movement game where players must direct their camels to deliver goods to where they are needed. Each player has five coloured camels and eight resources to choose from. Goods are divided into rare and common, and players to pick up and deliver more rare goods will receive more points.

The aim of Caravan is to get goods to the cities which require them before your competitors. There are a few tricks to do this, including moving your goods along a chain of your camels, increasing the speed of travel. However, some couriers prefer cunning over stealth, and willing merchants can earn their gold and glory by stealing their goods straight off their competitor's backs!

Caravan is a really interesting movement game with a minimalist set-up from designer Joe Huber. It will be released in March/April 2019 through Rio Grande Games.

What do you call a three-humped camel?

"A really interesting movement game with a minimalist set-up!"

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