Dwarf King’s Hold: Let’s Talk Orcs

July 20, 2011 by crew

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Let’s talk Orcs...

Have you ever noticed the difference between Orcs in fiction and Orcs in games?

Whenever you read any fantasy background about Orcs they’re always described as big, burly, dangerous monsters with a high tolerance for pain and a low tolerance for everything else. They are stronger than this and angrier than that: top of the pile in the human-sized "Vicious Thug" department. Oddly though, when this translates to the gaming table they suddenly go all shy and need to hold hands with 50 of their mates to get anything done. Somewhere between imagining and tabletop they go all feeble. Well not on my watch. Not in Dwarf King’s Hold. Oh no. Here we have the real deal.

The Orcs that make up the Green Menace are not cuddly and nice. They will hurt you and they will enjoy themselves doing so. Each one of them is entirely capable of stomping you to jelly on his own, thank you kindly. Of course, he might decide to bring a couple of his buddies along so they can all have a laugh at your expense, but he can more than hold his own in a fight if he needs to. On a one-to-one basis he’s a match for anyone.

This is where I start all my designs – an exploration of what image I am trying to conjure up. The rules follow this vision.

Jake Thornton

For more info. from Jake visit our Dwarf King's Hold forum or check out his blog!

If you can’t want to hear more of the detail on how Orcs play in Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace, then take a look at yesterday’s video, here on Beasts of War.

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