Feel The Tension Of The ER In Board Game Rush M.D

May 14, 2021 by fcostin

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Of all of the different board games I know and love, timers make me nervous. As I like to practice board games before playing others (to ensure I am the ultimate champion), being aware of outcomes is something I enjoy anticipating. But there is a way to make me panic, and that is timers. All control goes out the window and I turn into a frenzy staring at a depleting hourglass.

Rush M.D // Artipia Games

Working under pressure is prominent in Rush M.D by Artipia Games. So get on your scrubs and call McDreamy in for an assist, as the upcoming board game will be releasing this month, allowing you to save patient's lives, as every second ticks down.

Players will take the role of a doctor in a brand new modernized medical centre. However, these medical centres are not exactly quiet - I am sure you have been to a walk-in...

1-4 Players will need to collaboratively work together to treat patients in need of aid. Admitting, diagnosing and treating all ailments that pass through the door. Whilst trying to keep everybody alive and stopping any silly mistakes, working like a well-oiled surgical team.

Rush M.D // Artipia Games

As stated before, the game works in real-time which emulates the fast pace of an emergency scenario. Players will use their hourglasses as worker placements, allowing them to attend to a patient's needs. Utilising the Doctor hourglass to provide medical care and surgical procedures along with many other actions, and Nurse hourglasses providing a plethora of assist duties such as medicine and equipment.

A round lasts four minutes, and there are four rounds to the game, meaning 16 minutes is going to be quite the rush around for you and your faculty!

Rush M.D // Artipia Games

Solo mode is also available, allowing you to attend to patients in your own time without having to stress out and scream at your teammates for not working fast enough. Plenty of time for me to get practice in for all those actions.

I can personally see myself getting into a ton of arguments with the people I play with... a repeat of Overcooked 2 where the room turned sour as I did not supply a plate to my partner quick enough... It's all fun and games until time is involved.

Rush M.D will be hitting retail stores at the end of this month. Scrub up Doctor, as the urgency of the emergency room is about to unfold on the tabletop.

What is your favourite time-management game? 

"The game works in real-time which emulates the fast pace of an emergency scenario..."

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