Fear The Enemies In Resident Evil 2: The Board Game From Steamforged Games

August 24, 2017 by thisisazrael

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The team at Steamforged Games have given some insight into the design process and the enemies you can expect to face in Resident Evil 2: The Board Game.

"Each time a player encounters an enemy, no matter what they are, we wanted to force players to have to make decisions about how to deal with them. The result is that even the most basic enemies convey a sense of threat to characters, and are capable of ruining the best-laid plans."

Steamforged Games Resident Evil 2 Board Game Zombie

The staple of the Resident Evil franchise is, of course, the Zombie and in the board game they will be slow, relatively weak and really should go down easily if you placed your shot well.

Taking a look at the Zombies stat card we see the movement of one, only one hit point and only one damage if they do reach you, making it tempting to just to try and run past them and hope Evade Rolls mean no attacks land.

Steamforged Games say; "We’ve deliberately made Zombies enticingly easy to avoid for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted players to feel able to push their luck and run past them on most occasions. Secondly, when we look at the Evade Roll, we’re seeing the base Evade Roll for escaping from one Zombie, but what if there are more than one?"

Steamforged Games Resident Evil 2 Board Game Zombie

Zombies gather up easily and often come in pairs which mean your Evade Rolls are going to become tougher with each extra body and choosing when to fight or when to make a dash for it, is going to become a more important decision.

Zombies are also going to get opportunities to make special attacks, suicidal dives, sudden lunges and movement impairing leg drags as they latch onto you via special attacks on their cards.

As an extra tease, we got to see a sample miniature of a monster that made its first fast ceiling crawly awkward camera angle appearance in Resident Evil 2, the Licker.

Steamforged Games Resident Evil 2 Board Game Licker

The sculpt is looking really good and I am hopeful for monsters like the Tyrant and G-Mutant to get great minis too.

Are you preparing to protect Racoon City from the t-virus?

"...we wanted players to feel able to push their luck and run past them on most occasions..."

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