Gale Force Nine Reveal Firefly: The Game! Shiny!

February 12, 2013 by brennon

We knew something was coming to do with Firefly but we didn't know it would be this soon! Gale Force Nine yesterday announced that they would be piloting Firefly: The Game which is due out in Autumn...

Firefly - The Board Game Box Art

Firefly - The Board Game Set-up

"In Firefly: The Game, players captain their own Firefly-class transport ship, traveling the ‘Verse with a handpicked crew of fighters, mechanics and other travelers.  As a captain desperate for work, players are compelled to take on any job -- so long as it pays.  Double-dealing employers, heavy-handed Alliance patrols and marauding Reavers are all in a day’s work for a ship’s captain at the edge of the ‘Verse.  Firefly: The Game is a high-end thematic tabletop boardgame from Gale Force Nine (GF9).  It will be the first in a series of tabletop hobby boardgames and miniatures games from GF9 set in the Firefly Universe."

Check out the rest of the press releases HERE...

This can only be a good thing and considering how well Spartacus was received we have a good pedigree working on this game.

Maybe this game is being created in line with ToyVault, because last time we heard anything they were making games in this universe.

What do you think of this news?

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