We Are The Watchers: FFG Announces A Game Of Thrones Catan Expansion

August 17, 2018 by cassn

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The night is dark and full of...mammoths?! Fantasy Flight Games appease the Old Gods with their latest Catan extension.

The northern region known as the Gift was bestowed on the Night’s Watch thousands of years ago. This fertile land provides the Watch with lumber, brick, wool, grain, and ore. At least, it used to. As the Watch has become forgotten by the lords and ladies of Westeros, the infrastructure of the Gift has fallen into disrepair and the Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont, is willing to give anything to one who can restore the Gift to its former glory, even naming them as his successor.

In A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of Watch 5-6 Player Extension (try saying that five times fast), players continue to fight for resources, rebuild the Gift, and guard the wall against wildling attacks - all to earn Jeor Mormont's respect and be named the new Lord Commander.

The extension allows for two more players to enter the fray, battling against the cold, unforgiving north and their fellow brothers to be awarded the highest honour in the Night's Watch.

The extension brings with it several changes.  A Special Build Phase at the end of each player's turn allows them to build or buy anything they can afford, and four new hero cards provide new opportunities and benefits.

However, the most welcome change is easily the best animal addition to any game since a lost African tourist once exclaimed, "Wow, I hope those hippos aren't hungry!" Mammoths.  Hungry, hungry mammoths. Okay, so not hungry, but pretty aggrieved at being on the wrong side of the wall.

The mammoths join two new wilding clans, and while they won't move forward in the event of a breach, their presence allows the wildlings to move sideways, ensuring imminent-attack anxiety levels are never low.

Settlers of Catan is an established board game and A Game of Thrones Catan was a relative success when it was released last year, so it's unsurprising that an expansion has been released.  However, the new options are welcome additions and feel like bonuses for loyal gamers, rather than forced new mechanics to deal with an increased player pool.

It demonstrates an attention to game design and player desire that we've come to expect from Fantasy Flight Games and explains why they remain one of the top producers in the field.  Pre-order through their website today.

Is your allegiance to Settlers or A Game of Thrones Catan?  Old Gods or New?

"Fight for resources, rebuild the Gift, and guard the wall against wildling attacks!"

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