Expand Upon Gale Force Nine’s 9 DUNE Next Year

December 18, 2019 by brennon

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Two new Houses are going to be added into the mix for the DUNE Board Game by Gale Force Nine. This gives you a few more options when diving into this mammoth game which takes you into the political and warring machinations of these different Sci-Fi families.

DUNE Ixian & Tleilaxu Expansion - Gale Force Nine

The new expansion is going to be released next year and seems like a good way to build on this and introduce some new mechanics into the mix to a battle your rivals. The first of the houses is the Tleilaxu who are fanatical and xenophobic whilst also being masters of genetic engineering. They are both loathed and underestimated in equal measure and seek to be the most mighty.

You've also got House Ixian who are led by the cyborg Prince Rhombur. They are masters of manufacturing and technology. Even better, they are the only ones who know how to deploy it and use it to their advantage.

What do you make of the new expansion?

"What do you make of the new expansion?"

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