Hunt Treasures & Solo Escape Puzzling Mazes In Mazescape

August 23, 2021 by fcostin

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Way back when in July, when the OnTableTop team were together at UKGE, it truly was a fantastic experience look at some different games which I would not normally browse for on the internet. I had no idea what I was looking for but stumbled across an interesting solo puzzle game that can be played on the go. Given the amount of time I tend to spend on trains and busses, this title from Devir certainly caught my eye.

Mazescape Ariadne & Mazescape Labyrinthos // Devir

I was concerned at first, that you would only be able to play the game once. As each box contains seven different maps - it would be a one-hit journey to make your way through all of them. Oh, I was wrong! Each map has multiple different paths that can be taken, some more difficult than others. Meaning multiple ways to escape, treasures to hunt, and hours of entertainment.

I personally love exploring maps, and the idea of more than one route and exit to complete the map. It just encourages me to bring out my different colour gel pens to perfect and complete!

As players progress through each map, the harder the challenge will become so if you are one who enjoys a bit of head-scratching and intriguing puzzles, the learning curve certainly throws you straight into the action, picking up new techniques along the way.

Mazescape - Image Three

Mazescape Labyrinthos // Devir

Mazescape Labryinthos will take you through a whirlwind of locations. Through the graveyard, across the docks and up the mountain. This is the best place to start with the two games, as it will help you understand the basics and fundamentals through making your way to the end of a map. Once you are warmed up, the maps will become more difficult. Especially with some extra objectives to find and meet inside the maps themselves.

Mazescape - Image Two

Mazescape Ariadne // Devir

Players can explore Mazescape Ariadne, as they enter the famous labyrinth of Daedalus. Players must weave through each corner with the hope to reach the final map taking on the fearsome minotaur. However, if players are completionists alike me and want to ensure they completed everything, there are hidden treasures lurking behind corners, and only your brain can help you get there.

Each map has been rolled up and ready to be rolled out onto the table. Whether it be travelling up ladders or traversing under bridges in an attempt to find your way out. If they're not careful - they will find themselves going round in circles lost in the Mazescape.

Would you like to give Mazescape a try?

"Each map has multiple different paths that can be taken, some more difficult than others."

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