Investigate The Sanctum of Twilight In Mansions of Madness

December 7, 2017 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games have a new expansion for Mansions of Madness up for pre-order. It's time to lift the veneer of Arkham's upper crust and investigate the Sanctum of Twilight.

Sanctum of Twilight

In Sanctum of Twilight, investigators find themselves looking into the mysterious activities of The Order of the Silver Twilight, an upstanding society in Arkham who may be carrying out something more sinister than the occasional charity gala behind closed doors.

The expansion brings with it a selection of new map tiles, markers, and monsters, as well as two new investigators.

Sanctum Tiles and Minis

Sanctum New Investigators

Both of these investigators bring their own complimentary skills to the investigation. Lily Chen is a martial artist, raised by monks and destined to stand against the darkness, while Charlie Kane is a politician, devoted to using his extensive influence to aid the citizens of Arkham (and hopefully ensure reelection).

Another new addition to help the investigators is the use of Restraint tokens.

Sanctum Restraints

Players can leave these around the map in order to hinder monsters. This can prove invaluable when you need to carry out an action without having to worry about that slavering, sanity-destroying abomination that has been following you through the Arkham streets.

The Sanctum Goes Digital

The expansion also unlocks two new adventures for the Mansions of Madness app.

Behind Closed Doors sees you enjoying a pleasant evening stroll. Nothing sinister happening at all. Nope, nothing wrong here. Then you black out and wake up in a cold, dark cell. What happened, and how will you escape?

Sanctum iPad

The second adventure, Twilight Diadem, sees you joining the celebrations of the Silver Lodge's Twilight Fair. Each year, a beauty queen is chosen, but this year the nominee has come to you with a story that the Silver Lodge is up to something nefarious.

For this expansion, it is cool to see things move into the bright lights and glamour of Arkham's elite, where false smiles can hide things more evil than even the darkest of shadows. Mansions of Madness is one of the games I most want to play in the coming year and this new expansion looks to build upon the game's solid base.

Will you dare to venture into the Sanctum of Twilight?

"where false smiles can hide things more evil than even the darkest of shadows."

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